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We are locally owned and operated for over 10 years. We have a built a solid yoga community in Georgetown.


My vision for Studio 2 Yoga is to provide a place to learn Sridaiva yoga as both a practicing yogi/yogini (student) as well as for certified yoga instructor. 


Studio Rental

The studio has 950 square feet of open space that is great for seminars, workshops, concerts, photo shoots and corporate meetings. 

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Yoga for depression

Yoga for Depression

DVD and online download available. 

My mission is to reach out to those suffering with depression. 2014 was a pivotal year of change, and a lot of stuff came up for us to release. We may have felt "at a loss" when 2015 came in to play, so my hope is that you find comfort and relief with this video that combines Sridaiva alignment and Energy Medicine in a very easy, accessible to everyone, yoga class.

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SRIDIAVA FAQ's:  a collection of frequently asked questions regarding your personal Sridaiva practice, alignment, and the new paradigm of posture. 



Why change?   We spend over 80% of our day sitting down. Add to that a forward carriage of the head (to text, type, watch videos on your devices) and you have a spine that is molding into a "C"-curve shape. This alignment is ok when sleeping, when afraid, when sick, when startled. It is not ok to be in this posture 24-7.  

The Bhagavad Gita teaches us that there are two energies in the body. One is a downward moving energy, the energy of desires, wants, perceived needs. Second, is an upward moving energy; one that knows it is happiest when up-lifted, full and radiant. The story of the battle between families in the Gita is an allegory to this battle going on in our bodies and mind. Do we wish to stay in a heavy, dark, downward, "C"-curve posture? Or do we want to be uplifted, open, tall, strong and full of light in an upward moving posture?  

Sriaiva believes in the second scenario. That's where your own accountability comes in. What do you choose to be? 

As a student, Sridaiva is a life practice in which the students take accountability for their own health and happiness through informed choice of their own posture. Sridaiva is an alternative movement and postural modality which can be applied to yoga, dance, athletics or any dynamic posture such as standing, sitting and walking.

A bow-spring template describes the optimal neutral alignment for the human spine which has fullness on all side of the ribs (as the primary curve) and secondary curves in the lower back and the neck (creating a double "S" curve). 

Using the bow-spring alignment can create a balanced tonus on all sides of the body. What does this mean exactly? Well, if you look at most modern postures in yoga, they are one-side focused: meaning they either shorten the front body and elongate ("stretch") the back body or vice versa. The shape of the spine flattens in an incorrectly aligned forward fold in the lumbar region, and the thoracic spine flattens (loses its' curve) in a mis-aligned backward bending posture.

What are the benefits?

- enhances overall physical and emotional health.

 - strengthens and defines the muscles of the back body like the glutes, creating freedom of movement.

 - embraces the natural curvature of the body by realignment of the spine (referred to as the bow-spring) 

 - encourages overall rejuvenation by bolstering the immune system, and enhancing your attitude.

 - strengthens the body, creates balanced flexibility and tone with its‘ innovative therapeutic approach.

 - makes logical sense yet asks us to perceive ourselves in a new light.

What challenges should I expect? 

- releases stored emotion and patterns held within the body as the connective tissue remolds.

- requires us to access muscles of the back of the body including the upward mounding of the glutes.

Sridaiva asks us to open our mind and bodies to a new experience. Let go of the old paradigm of what is perceived as 'lengthening the spine'. 

How long does it take to learn Sridaiva?

We recommend taking 5 Sridaiva classes within one month to fully integrate the system; meaning for your body to remold itself into this new posture. The initial feelings that arise may be lower back pain due to the inactive glutes, upper back pain due to the inability to hold fullness in the ribs, emotional release such as tears or anger or elation. This will pass by day three of your orientation. 


Yogashala Institute & Indra Yoga Mindfulness present SRIDAIVA with Desi Springer & John Friend from Yogashala Institute on Vimeo.


Certified Yoga Instructors and Sridaiva - Learning and Converting

learn sridaiva online

click here to be taken to noelle's online sridaiva studio

What Happened to HOT Yoga?

First of all, we are activating the large (and lazy) glutes as part of the alignment principles. Not to mention a dynamic engagement of calves, hamstrings (in an upward direction) as well as lats will create lots of internal heat. I have witnessed and felt sweat in areas I've never seen before (like all the way down my own back, on the feet, down the chest).

The bow-spring push-pull balanced action, which creates uniform tonus on back and front of the body-mind, squeezes the whole body intensely. This generates a good inner heat which is purifying and cleansing. Outer heat is really not so necessary with our Sridaiva method. In fact, a room over 80 degrees could cause overheating in a student doing a strong Sridaiva practice. Excessive heat is damaging to the kidneys, which is the key organ for storage of Life force. Dehydration is one of the key reasons for aging and illness. 

It is good to sweat and good to make the myofascia warm during Sridaiva since it is cleansing and allows the myofascia to mold more easily. Yet, excessive heat is dangerous. 

We will for the winter months use the heat panels to warm the studio to a comfortable temperature.


Teacher Training:

Studio 2 Yoga runs a 250 hour teacher training in Georgetown, and a 200 hour teacher training in Thunder Bay. The Thunder Bay school is called Lakehead School of Yoga. 

Both the Georgetown and the Thunder Bay Schools are recognized by the Government of Ontario as private career colleges which means your tuition may be eligible for a tax credit.

Both Georgetown and the Thunder Bay Schools are also registered with the Yoga Alliance (.org) which means school credentials are checked, standards are met, and graduates can apply to be Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with the Alliance.

We are currently working on a slow-cert for Georgetown which means you can take your time getting your certification. Workshops will be posted soon. You must complete all workshops in order to graduate from the program. We are excited to be offering this option to those in the Georgetown and surrounding area: Milton, Erin, Guelph, Mississauga, Brampton and beyond.

More info

Lakehead School of Yoga

Books, Articles and Routines

I am always looking for ways to bring yoga to YOU.  I have created a book to help get relief from the signs and symptoms of PMS (such as back and groin pain, irritability, cramps, bloating).  Anyone can do the routine, it is a great way to open the energy pathways in the body.

Click the link to purchase my new book: Living La Vita Yoga PMS Flow.  Get relief from cramps, bloating and back pain with this combination of yoga asana, energy medicine, acupressure holding points and breathing techniques. 

I like to do this routine when I feel stiff in the morning.  Available to download to iPad too!!!

Now available to purchase at the Studio.


Discover Yoga!  It's for everyone.  People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from doing yoga.

Yoga improves balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. It stimulates all of the internal organs, calms the nervous system, restores and rejuvenates the body. Yoga reduces stress and makes you feel better both physically and emotionally.

Yoga is beneficial to weight loss, stress reduction and recovery from injury.

Visit the "wellness" page to purchase my book: Living La Vita Yoga (TM).  A 5 month, 5 layer, 5 step program!

Visit the "classes" page for downloadable MP4 of recorded classes.

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Finding the right yoga teacher can be a daunting task.  You may have friends that love a certain teacher, a certain style of yoga or the ambiance of a certain yoga studio.  It can all become quite confusing and a bit overwhelming.

When looking for a yoga teacher, be sure to investigate the yoga studio first.  Ask questions of the yoga instructor such as:

Q: How many class do they teach a week?

Q: How long have they been teaching?

Q: Where did they study yoga?

Q: Are they certified with a governing body?

Q: Do they practice yoga themselves?

Q: Do they teach a variety of yoga classes/ specialize in a particular style of yoga?

Q: Do they follow a set routine?

Q: Do they know how to deal with limitations and injuries?

Q: Where is the studio? 

Below, I have included an article by the Yoga Alliance (a governing body that sees it's members adhere to strict guidelines on ethics and re-certification) that addresses some of the common questions listed above.

Yoga Alliance Choosing a teacher


News and Events quick view:

mala workshop flyer



Click here for information on my new book: "What Makes Your Heart Sing? a guide to creating themes for yoga classes"


Purchase the book here.




Lakehead School of Yoga 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Thunder Bay, ON Fall/Winter beging Sept 12, 2014

Noelle was born and raised in Thunder Bay and grew up on the North Shore of Lake Superior. She knows how costly it can be to travel abroad to find quaility Yoga Teacher Training, so she has decided to bring the 200hr yoga teacher training to you at an affordable price!

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